Daughter Gives Stepmom An Ornament, But There is a Hidden Message!


I believe that it’s always hard being a step-parent. Such relationships can be as contentious as they can be loving.

In the following video, you’re about to meet Marissa Thamann, a 17-year-old from Ohio, who proved the latter to be true.

Our friend revealed the touching footage of the precious gift she gave her stepmom, Heather Thamann. The clip shows Heather opening a box, then spotting a homemade ornament with a photo of her and Marissa.

“The papers are already signed. You just have to sign them,” Marissa tells her crying mother.

“I’ve been waiting for so long,” Heather replies.

“My stepmom has been there for me since I was 4 years old after losing my mom when I was only 3 months old,” Marissa wrote on Facebook.

“You may not have been there for my first breath, or the first time I walked or talked, but you were there when I lost my first tooth. When I learned how to ride a bike. When I started having feelings for boys. When I was becoming a woman… Thank you for being the mom I needed. Thank you for overcoming everything that has been thrown at you. I love you.”

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Please SHARE this touching adoption story with your family and friends on Facebook!


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