We don’t sell any information about our visitors, all your details are not released to anyone of course without prior consent or a court order.

No information is released to anyone unless you give permission first.

thepublishable.com does not attempt to collect personal information from children.

thepublishable.com cannot always determine if a user is a child. WE do not maintain databases of children or adults.

When visiting any Internet site, your unique address called an “IP address” is recorded.

thepublishable.com does not release any information about the collection of this address to any third party except under court order or your permission. WE archive the log files in order to create aggregate statistical reports, detect errors on the web site to make things better, and for security reasons.

IP reports for advertisement clicks are shared with the advertiser. However, they usually have this information already since it is captured by their server when you view or click an ad. This is done to verify billing for the ads. No additional information associated with any specific user is provided to the advertisers.

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